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This server is hosting tools and services related to the OpenStreetmap (OSM) community project. This website provides maps of Thailand having names in Thai and English language. It also has reports of labels that need to be reworked to be bilingual.
URLs for map rendering have changed! If you use tiles from this server use osm as map identifier instead of the old osm_th/osm_then/osm_en. Existing tiles continue to work for a while but will not be updated any more. Best practice is to let me know you are using my tiles, so I can inform you ahead of upcoming changes.
Tile URL: http://<a/b/c>.tile.osm-tools.org/osm/<zoom>/<x>/<y>.png

Tools on the server

Currently the following tools are hosted on this server. They can still contain bugs. If you have problems using the tools you can find contact details below. You can leave comments regarding the usage of the tools, report problems or even submit patches to improve the tools.
Map rendering of southeast asian countries Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and parts of Burma providing labels in either Local language, English or combined.

View the detailed explanation for some usage examples and further information.

paused: taginfo
Taginfo is a service which gives information about the actual tagging in use. It can also help spotting misspelled tags. This is a specialized local instance with only tags inside Thailand taken into account. For global statistics visit the main site.
paused: reports
Reports regarding suspicious name entries. Might indicate missing name entries for Thai or English.
Tool to assign a photo of street signs or other labels in foreign characters to an OSM element. These can be inserted into the given element by community members
retired: nametool (beta)
Tool listing missing labels (Thai/English) on a map and providing an online editor to insert values
compare OSM vs. Google
Visually compare OSM against Google maps. This shows you the right spot where to put mapping effort. For example using Bing aerial tracing. Enable coverage layer to see areas offering high resolution imagery. Before tracing from imagery make sure the layer is correctly aligned by comparing against existing GPS tracks. If you have an editor running supporting RemoteControl (e.g. JOSM) there is a button to directly open the visible area in the editor. Read further details...
Find loose ends
Find major highways which have end nodes not connected to any other road. The problematic nodes are filtered against Bing imagery coverage so only these nodes show up which are backed by imagery to enable fixing the problem.
Read further details...
This server is doing the hard work of processing Osmose quality checks which can then be seen on the front-end server. Currently the following countries are processed on this server: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, , Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.
paused: Where Did You Edit
This lets you actually see where you are editing. Use this service to have your edits visualized on a world map.


I share my tools and scripts for OSM on this server. Also various OSM related files are available for download.

The main download area is located at downloads.osm-tools.org.
Feel free to browse either directly through the download area or check out the listing of downloads available.

Bigger tools or other things needing explanation are described on their own page:

Retired: Garmin maps for routing with English names
This service was retired. Please use the much more actively maintained maps from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/.
It provided free map data for Garmin GPS units in the .img file format. It covered Thailand and has English names where available and automatic transliteration for the rest.

On the details page I listed some instructions on how the install had worked for me.

Retired: Tiles@Home for Windows (tahwin)
A windows installer for the Tiles@Home distributed map rendering. The map rendered is knows as Osmarender. This is based on the original Perl/Tk scripts from Eddi di Pieri. I improved some details and have completely rewritten the installation system.
The latest version is available on http://downloads.osm-tools.org/tahwin-setup-latest.exe.
Retired: ODbL license compatibility check for Thailand
The OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) is working on a switch of the existing CC-BY-SA license to ODbL. Even when possibly not required by law the OSMF respects the creators of the data and wants their commitment to Contributor Terms that enable the switch to ODbL.
As the only possible reaction to a non-commitment would be the removal of the existing data from future databases released under ODbL we want to know how much data would be affected.

I provide statistics showing the amount of data inside Thailand that is safely available under ODbL and how much is endangered to be possibly lost.
Until end of march 2011 the agreement is voluntary. After that date it is required to agree to the new CT to be able to continue editing.

There is no date for the final switch to ODbL committed, yet. I keep updating the statistics from time to time to reflect more and more users agreeing to the new CT.
Statistics are stored on http://downloads.osm-tools.org/check-odbl-th/.

Site news

I'm continously improving the OpenStreetMap tools hosted on this server. The major improvements are listed here so you can easily follow the development. Newest entries are listed on the top, older entries get moved into the archive from time to time.
I did a major server upgrade. Server is replaced by a new machine which offers double the RAM and SSD capacity. I largely overhauled the software stack and retired some old services. Please let me know if you miss something or you spot a glitch after the upgrade.
Server is replaced by a new machine which offers double the RAM and SSD capacity. Software stack is updated and some old services retired. Not all services back into operation yet.
With new Osmose checks added for China and previously added checks for India and Indonesia it now covers most areas of Asia.
New Osmose checks are added for Afghanistan, Bhutan, East Timor, Maldives, and Papua New Guinea.
A new processing of compare is rolled out which improves the user interface making it easier to find missing highways/waterways on a global scale.
A local taginfo instance is running providing statistics about the tag usage in Thailand.
JOSM editing presets specifically for Thailand are available for download at http://code.osm-tools.org/josm-thai-presets/.
Again a hard disk failed. I have disabled map updates until disk is changed and RAID is rebuilt. UPDATE: back to normal operation.
The map for visually comparing OSM with Google Maps was extended and provides now world-wide coverage of the map. Read more...
My server had problems after an unclean shutdown due to maintenance work of my provider. In combination with a faulty version of osm2pgsql this caused a few days downtime of map updates.

Problems should be resolved now, I expect everything to be working again. Please report any issue you notice.

The OSM license switch to ODbL is finally done. This requires me to reload the OSM database. I will take the chance to upgrade the toolchain to make the best out of the upcoming downtime. So in case the service is not working as expected, please be patient. I will report here when the maintenance is completed.
My hoster had to work on the raid controller of the server. This caused some downtime. I also had to update OpenLayers to 2.12 to work around a problem showing a google pop-up in the compare OSM vs. Google map using Firefox. Hope this is resolved now, unfortunately Openlayers is still in Beta stage. Let me know if something is still broken.

As a new feature I now set "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" for all map tiles. This enables scripts on other domains to directly interact with the tiles.

After announcing on the mailing list in May I also retired the bilingual rendering of Libya. As Mapquest provides bilingual rendering there my service is no longer needed.

I have applied an update to the map styles used on the Asia and Libya maps. They now use the latest map styles from osm.org. In adition to the font optimizations described below I have adjusted the font size of guest house names to match the size of hotel labels. In SEA there is often not much practical difference between a guest house and a hotel.

Notice: The software creating the maps has a problem with the rendering of some characters. This is beyond my direct influence. I try to convince the developers to work on this issue.

As a cleanup measure I removed the bilingual rendering of Greece and Iran. It was not used much but did eat up ressources. See the OSM wiki on how to set up your own bilingual rendering. Feel free to ask implementation details.

Due to a problem with osm2pgsql it is needed to do a complete reimport of the database. This can cause some service to stop working. Check this page to see when the problem is resolved.
update 12-Sep: I finished the re-import. Database and osm2pgsql is updated as well. Let me know if you notice something not working as expected.
The Where Did You Edit service does now support to zoom in to the individual edits. Data is available in approximately 500m resolution.
The Where Did You Edit service went online. This lets you actually see where you are editing.
The Thai map got a print functionality. Using the browser print function the active map region can be printed nicely.
A problem in the data center caused the server to be unavailable for some hours. Sorry for that. I want to announce a planned migration of the osm-tools.org domain to a new IP address. In case of problems please let me know.
Bing seams to constantly update the coverage in asia. I updated the coverage layer in the compare utility. In case you discover another area having aerial imagery please let me know.
A new tool is online to visually compare OSM against Google.
I will upgrade the server in the next days. Expect some downtime.
Update: upgrade is completed. All services should work again. In case of probles please contact me.
A new bi-lingual rendering is available. It was created on special request for the community of Iran. Find the map available under iran.osm-tools.org.
Added the documentation on how to place a marker on the thaimap or how to embedd it into a webpage.
I updated the free OSM Garmin routable map of Thailand. I also put up some instructions on how to install it on Garmin and MapSource.
The nametool map now provides the option to show the areas covered by Bing high resolution aerial imagery. Especially useful to load the area into JOSM using RemoteControl.
The maximum zoom-level 18 was hard-coded inside the render_expired script. This prevented zoom 19 tiles from being updated. I fixed this in the mod_tile package. Now all zoom levels are updated.
Thaimap received a big update. I've extended the map coverage to include more countries than Thailand. The map shows now also full Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. As before it provides bilingual naming on the map. For the bilingual map it is possible to zoom in one step further. This helps to display more details in densely mapped areas. I also changed the font to now use Loma (GPL by Thai Linux Working Group) with an increased size compared to the default mapnik unifont rendering.

Spread the word

If you consider this site and the services useful then feel encouraged to tell your friends. Or even better be part of the community and improve the map.
When giving credits to this site link to www.osm-tools.org.

Thanks for sponsoring

Sponsors wanted! This server needs a new sponsor. If you consider sponsoring this server for a few months, please contact me. Details below.

I want to thank the Munich based company Mentz Datenverarbeitung for sponsoring this server for 12 months.
Mentz is working in the field of public transport by providing specialized software solutions for all kind of tasks associated with public transport.
As Mentz is getting actively involved in using and improving OpenStreetMap data this sponsoring is considered as a way to thank the community for their passion in inproving OSM. Without it the community services of this server might much smaller. So a big thank you to Mr. Mentz and Mentz Datenverarbeitung for the support.

Mentz Datenverarbeitung


Map data is © OpenStreetMap contributors and is licensed as ODbL. The tiles rendered by this site are CC-BY-SA. Please contact me before using the tiles in your own webpage (e.g. via OpenLayers) or application due to limited server ressources.
You are free to use the map tiles in a printed map or other form as long as you respect the license. For the attribution I request you to refer to this website and mention the data source being OpenStreetMap.
You can link to http://thaimap.osm-tools.org/ for passing a link to the map.
Web pages and source code are copyright by Stephan Knauß. Unless stated otherwise it's prohibited to copy it.
Some icons used on the site are from fugee pack done by Yusuke Kamiyamane. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.


I did develop the tools on this site to learn new things, gain experience and possibly provide others some useful tools.
I'm interested in some statistics who is using this site. So I'm using standard web analytics software to gather some usage patterns.
The data collected is anonymized so I can not identify individual visitors.
By using this site you agree to this. The information collected on this site is never shared.


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