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I share my tools and scripts for OSM on this server. Also various OSM related files are available for download.

The main download area is located at downloads.osm-tools.org. Feel free to browse around.

Bigger tools or other things needing explanation are described on their own page:

Tiles@Home for Windows (tahwin)
A windows installer for the Tiles@Home distributed map rendering. The map rendered is knows as Osmarender. This is based on the original Perl/Tk scripts from Eddi di Pieri. I improved some details and have completely rewritten the installation system.
The latest version is available on http://downloads.osm-tools.org/tahwin-setup-latest.exe.

The installer contains all needed binaries that are available for redistribution. The perl modules are not allowed to be redistributed, so the installer has to download them during installation. In case some of the needed files are removed from the network the installer will fail. In this case let me know so I can provide a fixed version.

Retired: Garmin maps for routing with English names
This service was retired. Please use the much more actively maintained maps from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/.
It provided free map data for Garmin GPS units in the .img file format. It covered Thailand and has English names where available and automatic transliteration for the rest.

On the details page I listed some instructions on how the install had worked for me.

ODbL license compatibility check for Thailand
The OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) is working on a switch of the existing CC-BY-SA license to ODbL. Even when possibly not required by law the OSMF respects the creators of the data and wants their commitment to Contributor Terms that enable the switch to ODbL.
As the only possible reaction to a non-commitment would be the removal of the existing data from future databases released under ODbL we want to know how much data would be affected.

I provide statistics showing the amount of data inside Thailand that is safely available under ODbL and how much is endangered to be possibly lost.
Until end of march 2011 the agreement is voluntary. After that date it is required to agree to the new CT to be able to continue editing.

There is no date for the final switch to ODbL committed, yet. I keep updating the statistics from time to time to reflect more and more users agreeing to the new CT.
Statistics are stored on http://downloads.osm-tools.org/check-odbl-th/.


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