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Description of ODbL license compatibility check for Thailand

The OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) is working on a switch of the existing CC-BY-SA license to ODbL. Even when possibly not required by law the OSMF respects the creators of the data and wants their commitment to Contributor Terms that enable the switch to ODbL.
As the only possible reaction to a non-commitment would be the removal of the existing data from future databases released under ODbL we want to know how much data would be affected.

I provide statistics showing the amount of data inside Thailand that is safely available under ODbL and how much is endangered to be possibly lost.
Until end of march 2011 the agreement is voluntary. After that date it is required to agree to the new CT to be able to continue editing.

There is no date for the final switch to ODbL committed, yet. I keep updating the statistics from time to time to reflect more and more users agreeing to the new CT.
Statistics are stored on http://downloads.osm-tools.org/check-odbl-th/.

A nice side-effect of this statistic is that is displays who are the major contributors to data in Thailand. The rank is created out of the number of nodes. This does state nothing about the quality of the contributions. Adding detailed POIs takes much time but produces few nodes. So don't confuse quality and quantity.

Explanation of columns

Some of the columns in the statistics are self-explanatory, others need more words. Let's begin with the easy ones.
is simply the position in the list. The list is ordered by the number of nodes for which the given user was the last editor.
User (uid)
is the screen name (account name) of the user under which he does the edits. In parenthesis is the numerical id of the account. There is one "special" account that contains all anonymous edits that had been possible in the past.
stated whether the user already agreed to the new Contributor Terms and with this to the ODbL. Users that recently signed up (having a numerical id greater than 286582) have already automatically agreed to the Contributor Terms on sign-up. The rows are additionally colored with green for users already agreed and red for users that did not give feedback yet.
nodes, ways, relations
give the raw number of the named OSM elements counted for the given user. Percentage states the percentage of the given element.
Last version by user
counts the elements that had been last edited by the given user at the moment of statistic generation. This gives an indication how active a user is editing but is not relevant for a decision whether an element is safe for ODbL.
Sole version by user
counts elements that had been edited only the the named user. As the statistic generation does not evaluate the history of objects this detection is limited to elements that had not been altered after creation. In case the user who created the element agrees to ODbL it is safe.
last edit
shows the date of the last activity of the user in Thailand. As the statistic generation does not evaluate the history of objects this can only consider elements that had not been edited afterwards by different users.
Global statistics
are explained on the statistics page itself.

Quick figures

Based on the statistics from beginning of 2011 (check-odbl-th-20110102.html) there had been 419 user editing in Thailand. 49% of these already agreed to the ODbL. 68% of the nodes clearly safe for ODbL.
Considering only top-15 contributors, who based on the last edit are responsible for 85% of all nodes: 60% of them already agreed to the ODbL making 64% of all nodes ODbL safe.


Get an impression by checking out the screenshots or get if for yourself from http://downloads.osm-tools.org/check-odbl-th/.

ODbl license compatibility check sample view:

ODbL license compatibility check


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