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Map rendering of southeast asian countries Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and parts of Burma providing labels in either Local language, English or combined.

The map shows in combined mode first the local name in the local language, then in a new line the English name in latin characters. This way the map can be used to ask locals for directions or point a taxi driver to the destination even when they can not read english maps.

The map supports a function to place a marker on the map as well as an embedded mode whre most of the controls are turned off to save space on the screen.

You are free to link to the map. Please give the attribution (credits) to my site and to OpenStreetMap. In case you plan using the map embedded in a high-traffic website (more than a few hundred impressions a day) please contact me first. The server is paid by myself as a donation to the OpenStreetMap community, to provide services the main site does not do. Overloading the server might lead to a cancelation of some services. So use it reasonable.

Placing a marker

You might want to have a marker on the map to highlight some specific location. This can be easily done. All you need to know is the coordinate of the point you want the marker to be. You can use a lot of ways to determine this location. This site does not yet provide an interactive way to place a marker. You could use the site of OpenStreetMap to determine the location. You could use as well use any other service that prints WGS84 coordinates to get them.

You can specify the zoom level (zoom), the center of the map (lat/lon) and the marker position (mlat/mlon). If in doubt, specify for both the same coordinate. You could also predefine the base layer (layers). Check the permalink for the right value.



Embedding the map

To have the map formatted suitable for inclusion in an iframe append the embedded parameter to the URL. The following example creates an embedded map in a 400px by 400px window.


    width="400" height="400" 
    style="border: 1px solid black; overflow:hidden; margin:0;">
<br /><small>
<a href="https://thaimap.osm-tools.org/?zoom=17&amp;lat=18.78695&amp;lon=98.98697&amp;mlat=18.78695&amp;mlon=98.98697">View Larger Map</a></small>

The actual map

Here you find an embedded version of the map available under thaimap.osm-tools.org.

View Larger Map


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